GymDog Training Programs

what best describes you?


I have a puppy

Hooray! You have an adorable new bundle of puppy breath and razor sharp needle teeth. You just finished cleaning up another accident and now you are frantically scanning this web page while trying to ignore the sounds of scampering paws and something being dragged from the countertop in the other room. As you look down at your bleeding hands, you wonder just how much biting is actually normal for puppies. How long does this last? Are you ok?

I have an adult dog

Maybe this is your first go at training a dog, or your 8th. Either way, you want a dog who listens to you. One that doesn't need constant bribes or threats. One that is fun to hang out with and acts politely around people and other dogs. You want a dog that you can walk on leash, and play with, and trust. You are looking for the best quality training that will give you the best possible relationship with your best friend.

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I am interested in dog sports

Somewhere along the line, you saw a border collie running like greased lightning through an agility course on TV and thought "my dog could do that!" You love the idea of competing with your dog, but just never quite knew how to get started.

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