• Your dog must be under control at all times (on or off leash)

  • Respect the equipment and the other members

  • Clean up after yourself and your dog

  • Work with only one dog at a time

  • Don't make us add anymore rules 

We must have proof of your dog's current vaccines and a negative fecal for you to be able to attend class. Acceptable proof would include a vaccination certificate or a written statement from your vet. 
Children are welcome and encouraged to participate in training. We require that children under the age of 16 be accompanied by an additional adult. 

All dogs must remain under control and on leash unless specifically instructed otherwise by a GymDog trainer. Please do not unleash your dog, drop your leash, or allow your dog to greet other dogs present without express permission by a trainer and/or the other dog's handler. 

Additionally, please do not approach, greet, pet, or otherwise interact with dogs present without first receiving permission from the dog's owner. 

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