Puppy Package

This is for dogs that are 9 weeks old to 5 months

Three French Bullgod Puppies

Cost: $2000

Length: 3 weeks 


Training Goals

  1. Introduction to Basic Obedience Commands

    1. Name - Puppy responds to name by looking handler in the eye

    2. Sit - Puppy learns the verbal cue and hand signal to “Sit”

    3. Down - Puppy learns the verbal cue and hand signal to “Lay Down”

    4. Place/Crate - Puppy learns to go to his or her bed or kennel/crate on verbal command and hand signal

    5. Stay - Puppy can hold a stay in a sit, down or on a place while you go 10 steps away and return

    6. Come - Puppy comes when called, on leash

    7. Heel (puppy pre-heeling) - Puppy can circle into heel position with a command and food or toy lure and can follow owner in heel position with a food/toy lure for a short distance past small distractions (i.e. food on the ground, another dog or a person, etc)

    8. Leave it - Puppy will not take food placed on the ground within reach for at least 5-10 seconds, or until released

  2. Basic Training Skills

    1. Introduction to marker training - puppy learns to understand Yes, Good, Ok, No and a clicker

    2. Engagement and motivation training - puppy learns to work for food and toy/play rewards

    3. Socialization: puppy gets positive, successful confidence building exposure to a variety of situations, environments, people and animals

    4. Fetch and/or tug - puppy learns to play a game with a toy that suits their temperament and breed. This game can be used as a reward and/or a way to exercise and provide enrichment and stimulation throughout a dog's life.

  3. Basic Manners

    1. Housetraining - Puppy goes out on a schedule and learns to toilet outside on command while keeping his crate and other indoor spaces clean.

    2. Crate training/Crate manners - puppy learns to go into the crate on command, and settle quietly even if the door is closed.

    3. Loose leash walking - Puppy learns to go for a short walk without pulling on the leash.

    4. Door manners - puppy learns to sit at doorways (front door, car, crate, etc) and wait until released

    5. Greeting people - puppy learns to accept brief, calm petting without excessively jumping on or biting people. Puppy is socialized to interacting with a variety of people (older folks, children 1 year and up, men, women, etc)

    6. Manners around other animals - Puppy learns to be around, approach, and interact with other animals without excessive jumping, biting, chasing or barking. 

    7. Appropriate Play/no biting - Puppy learns to play appropriately with people and other animals without excessive biting, barking or jumping. Puppy learns to play appropriately with other dogs and puppies of a variety of sizes and breeds.

  4. Grooming and Handling: 

    1. Brushing, Nail trims, Ear cleaning, Exams, etc - Puppy experiences and learns to tolerate a variety of types of grooming and handling without aggression, or excessive struggling, wiggling, or biting.

Things that I do NOT anticipate achieving during this board and train:

  • Reliable manners for extended periods of unsupervised time

  • Complete removal of food rewards from trained behaviors

  • Making new skills completely reliable in all situations, especially brand new or unusually exciting circumstances

These are all higher level training goals that will require additional time, age and practice to master. Please understand that your dog will be between 12 and 26 weeks old at the completion of this program. Any dog in that age range has months of development before maturity, and even trained behaviors will have a high probability of fading or extinguishing without regular continued practice and consistency. The intention of this board and train is to give a puppy the best possible foundation of training and socialization to move forward on. Individual results will vary based on age, breed, temperament, and previous training for each puppy.

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