Intermediate Obedience

Your dog has had some training. He understands the basic commands, but may not always listen to them, especially around distractions, or without treats. He generally works well for treats or play rewards. He has some impulse control and doesn't normally get into trouble around the house, although he may still need some extra management at times and still struggles a bit with manners in exciting situations.


You'd like to improve your dog's manners and self control and work on his reliability with commands. A great goal for you is to work towards earning your dogs AKC CGC Certificate.


Obedience 2 Topics

Obedience 2 has 6 total topics, which can be taken in any order or repeated as needed! (just like Obedience 1) Check out the slides or download the class list below:

Heel: Changing direction and speed

Practice getting your dog into heel position on command. Learn to make smooth right turns, left turns, speed up, slow down, and stop while heeling.

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