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Day Training

Day training is school for dogs! You'll drop off your dog at noon and pick up in the evening. At pick up, you’ll get to practice with your dog, plus get homework so you can continue your dog’s training at home.

General Info

What's Covered?


  • Drop off between 11:30AM and 12:00PM

  • Group Handler info session from  5:45PM-6:00PM

  • Trainer guided group practice from 6:00PM-6:45PM

  • Day training is held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.


​Topics by day:​

  • Leash walking - Tuesdays

  • Recall - Wednesdays

  • Greetings/manners - Fridays


Every day training session will also cover: 

  • crate training (as needed)

  • potty training (as needed)

  • marker/clicker training

  • engagement

  • play 


Dog will receive:

  • 2 hours total of training 

  • 1 hour total of exercise throughout the day

  • Mentally engaging enrichment activities

  • Supervised play time with other dogs (when appropriate)


Owner will receive:

  • One hour group class at pick up that covers what dog learned that day

  • Written homework with instructions on how to continue training at home

  • One very tired and happy dog


What's it cost?

  • $110 for 1 or $400 for 4 day training sessions​​​


more info here!

What to bring?

  • Dog

  • Vet records if we do not already have a copy

  • ID tags

  • 6 foot leash and collar or harness

  • Chew toy - such as a Kong or bone

  • Favorite toy - tug, ball, squeak toy, frisbee, etc.

  • Treats - at least 1 cup of high value treats that your dog likes and 1 to 2 cups of your dog’s kibble.


Can you cover other things that my dog needs?

  • The designated topic for the day will be the main focus for all the dogs in training. After the main topic is addressed other small issues may be addressed with remaining time. Please make sure we are aware of all the training goals for your dog.


Can I bring multiple dogs to day training?

  • When we have the space available, you are welcome to reserve more than one slot, if you have multiple dogs. There are currently no multiple dog discounts for day training.


How many handlers can attend the group practice?

  • Please, no more than 2 to 3 handlers at a time.


Can I watch while my dog is there?

  • You are welcome to stay or stop by at any time during your dog’s training but you will be asked to stay in the lobby area so that the training of your dog and others will not be interrupted. There are windows in the lobby that look into the training area where trainers work with the dogs.


What if my dog has already had some training?

  • Great! We will be starting ahead and be able to further advance your dog’s skills.


What if my dog has had no previous training?

  • Great! We will be able to get your dog started on the right foot. Everyone has to start somewhere.


Does this work with aggressive, anxious, or reactive dogs?

  • Yes, but extreme cases may not qualify to attend day training or may require behavior modification sessions to get them the attention they need. Trainers may suggest other training alternatives. For some aggression cases dogs may be required to wear a muzzle.

How much progress should I expect from one day training session?

  • Unfortunately, day training isn't magical. There is only so much that anyone can absorb in one day, especially when we are talking about manners or habit building. Dog training is a physical skill for both the dog and you as the handler, much like learning a musical instrument, or learning a new sport. Think about how much you might learn from attending an intensive day camp or 5 hour seminar on a particular topic. Your dog's progress will be similar; day training is a chance for your dog to learn a lot and get lots of successful practice with a particular skill, but these skills need to be implemented and applied consistently at home in order for you to see the best outcome.

  • The amount of progress you see when you pick your dog up may differ based on your dog's breed, temperament, socialization, and previous training. 

  • Different dogs will progress through the levels at different rates. Some dogs may be able to move from one level to the next in one week, while other dogs may need several weeks to meet all the level goals and progress to the next level. This progress will be partly determined by your ability to follow through with the homework when you are at home with your dog.

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