Reactive Rover

This personalized training program is designed to address barking, lunging, snapping and other reactive behavior and will be customized to fit your dog's particular needs. 

Cost: $3500 +

Length: 6 weeks +

This program may include additional private handler lessons and/or a “mini-ET - 300 educator” electronic dog training collar, or other equipment if determined necessary.


This program is intended to address dog and people reactivity (excessive barking, lunging and/or aggression)

Cost and length will vary based on individual dog needs. Please contact us so that we can discuss your dog's needs in detail and develop a customized board and train quote for your specific situation.

Special requests or issues such as separation anxiety, resource guarding, car chasing, and other dangerous behaviors may be addressed as well.

The final level of training reached with this program will depend somewhat on an individual dog’s age, breed, temperament, and previous level of training. Please remember that all training has the potential to degrade over time if not properly maintained with regular practice and consistency.

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