We love
our dogs
and yours!

At GymDog, we're passionate about meeting you and your dog right where you are! We offer various training formats and rates, so that you can get started working with us and not be turned away by large upfront costs. 

Meet the Team

Kat Manning

Kat is a certified dog trainer through the CCPDT, an AKC CGC evaluator and a S.T.A.R. puppy instructor. She graduated from Milligan College magna cum laude with a B.S. in Biology. She has been training dogs for most of her life and has been doing it professionally since 2016. She specializes in teaching pet dogs to be calm, attentive, well-mannered companions.


Working primarily through positive reinforcement and marker training, she enjoys teaching owners how to better communicate, care for, and manage their furry companions. Kat frequently works with high energy dogs who need help overcoming anxiety, aggression and reactivity and especially excels at leash training and puppy socialization.

Selena Dyer

Selena uses positive reinforcement training techniques that are force free. She believes that dogs, just like us, need to feel safe, supported and stimulated in order to learn effectively. Her coaching will help you and your dog build confidence and trust in each other, so that you’re ready to tackle any issues as a team! Selena specializes in helping rescued dogs who are adjusting to their new homes and dogs working through fear, anxiety or reactivity. She is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and STAR Puppy Instructor.  As part of her continuing education, Selena will be pursuing two professional certifications in 2021: Behavior Consultant through the CCPDT and designated Fear Free trainer.


A lifelong animal lover, Selena has been working with dogs professionally for over ten years. She spent two years as a lead kennel technician and rescue dog foster while attending the University of South Carolina back in her home state. After finishing graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania in 2019, she decided to leave academia behind and make her passion for pups her career. Selena draws on her teaching background to create training exercises for her clients that are fun, achievable and empowering – and yes, there will be homework!

James Manning

James works mostly behind the scenes at GymDog LLC.  He wears many hats: public relations, sales, website development, and many other things that come with running a small business. James has always had a love for dogs and a passion for training them but really dove into training after marrying Kat.

Taylore Bivens

Taylore has worked with GymDog since 2017 as both a client and helping hand. She began training with Kat and James after adopting her dog, Ollie, and went on to train him as an AKC certified therapy dog through the programs at GymDog. Taylore enjoys being around and working with the dogs that are training. She currently works at the desk, taking phone calls, communicating with new clients, and helping with the upkeep of the business. 

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